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Wetland Interviews

The SWS Wetland Interviews playlist offers videos on YouTube that highlight international connections in wetland science and increases knowledge exchange by interviewing wetland researchers and practitioners from around the world. Through this effort, the ‘Wetland Interviews Initiative’ also incorporates a Wetland Legends Series, by holding interviews with distinguished and prominent wetland scientists. Please check them out on YouTube.

SWS is soliciting further suggestions for interviewees that can speak about intercultural, international, and/or interdisciplinary experiences. The interviewee does not have to be a member of SWS.

The Wetland Interviews Initiative is also seeking SWS members interested in conducting these interviews (in English and other languages).  If you are interested in nominating an interviewee or conducting an interview yourself, please fill out this form. The Wetland Interviews Initiative is hosted by the International Chapter and the SWS Webinar Series in collaboration with New Media Initiative.

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