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The Deepwater Horizon disaster and wetland

May 18, 2010

Coastal wetlands are essential components of healthy and productive coastal fisheries, and nowhere within the lower 48 states has the critical linkage between wetlands and fisheries resources been more clearly demonstrated than in the Gulf Mexico (e.g., Chesney et al. 2000, Crain et al. 1979). Louisiana alone, for example, generates 30% of the nation’s seafood…

SWS encourages regeneration of cypress forests

March 2, 2009

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS), I write to support sound management and stewardship of cypress forests, including those harvesting practices that promote and ensure regeneration of the forest. The Society of Wetland Scientists is a 3500+ member organization that promotes scientific understanding, scientifically-based management and sustainable use…

Introduction and summary of argument of 2006 Amicus brief

January 13, 2006

In United States v. Riverside Bayview Homes, lnc., this Court upheld Clean Water Act regulation of wetlands adjacent to open waters and other waters of the United States because such wetlands are “inseparably bound up” with those waters and Congress intended to enact a comprehensive program to control water pollution at its source. 474 U.S.121,134…


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