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Welcome to the European Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists. The European Chapter was founded with the intent of bringing together wetland scientists and other professionals from around Europe who share common interests in wetland science and management.

SWS Europe is focused on understanding and advancing wetland science, as well as assuring that decision-making processes affecting wetlands are based on an understanding of wetland science. Carrying out this mission requires members who are informed about both the underlying science and the kinds of considerations that affect decision-making, many of which are specific to Europe and in particular the European Union. In addition, our members are technical and professional resources for one another, but only if members know each other. To address this issue, we hope that this Chapter website will promote effective communication among members about chapter news, meetings, and other activities. Opinions of members on particular issues, EU regional regulatory updates, preservation and restoration efforts, wetland research, and other information may also be included.

Our initial target of 25 founder members was reached on April 2nd 2004, and the Chapter formally came into existence following enthusiastic support from SWS at the Annual Meeting in Seattle, 2004. The new group's first meeting took place on July 27th at the Intecol Wetlands Meeting Utrecht, within days of the SWS board giving us the go-ahead for the creation of the Chapter. It was very rewarding to see the level of enthusiasm for the new initiative, and it is clear that SWS can expect to see a substantial increase in the European membership in future years. With members attending from other Chapters, including SWS-President Kathy Ewel, and Australian Chapter President Neil Saintilan, we held an interesting discussion on the future of the new Chapter. The main outcome was a planned conference-style meeting to be hosted by Jane Bunting in Hull, England, in the Autumn of 2005. Through this approach, we believe we can encourage a vibrant and sustainable interest in SWS on our side of the Atlantic. We thank the SWS board for supporting our creation, and look forward to becoming active and enthusiastic contributors to SWS as a whole.

Bylaws and Standing Rules

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