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Society Awards

The SWS awards program strives to acknowledge outstanding contributors in wetland science and service and looks to honor those who have made a major impact in the field. This award program not only honors award recipients, but also creates awareness of the progress and leadership that takes place within the field. Awards are presented each year at the SWS Annual Meeting.

Are you interested in recognizing a fellow colleague for their work? 2020 nominations are currently being accepted for the International Travel Award, Fellow Award and International Fellow Award. Read more info about each SWS award below. The deadline to submit an award application is Monday, February 24, 2020.

Interested in our SWS student research grants? Click here to learn more.

Chapter and Section Development Grant

Chapter and Section Development Grant 

The SWS Board of Directors is pleased to offer a Development Grant to Chapters and Sections in order to expand programs and membership in keeping with our mission to promote understanding, conservation, scientifically based management and sustainable use of wetlands throughout the world. The term of the grant is five years and amounts up to $4,000 will be considered by the SWS Awards Committee. Up to two winners will be selected each year. Chapters and Sections can apply for the Grant twiice a year by completing an online application where they must answer questions to outline their objectives. 

Selection of Chapters and/or Sections to receive funding is based on demonstration of need, quality of proposal, statement of objectives, and likelihood of success.  Grant money will be transferred to the Chapter/Section account on an incremental basis.  The Chapter president and treasurer/Section Chair will be responsible for sending an annual report to the Board of Directors and the SWS Awards Committee detailing how the money was spent and how goals have (or have not) been met. There will be an opportunity for explanation after one year if goals have not yet been met.  A final report will be due at the end of the grant period. 

Please email Suzanna Hogendorn at membership@sws.org if you are interested in submitting an application.  

Fellow Award

The Fellow Award is the highest recognition of membership bestowed by the Society. Nominees must be active SWS members who have been nominated by other active members to receive the honor, recommended by the Fellows Committee and elected by the SWS Board of Directors. Please refer to the procedures for nominating SWS Fellows, which are available by clicking here. Access the nomination form here.   The award is offered in even numbered years. 

Past Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who have achieved special distinction in their career through contributions to wetland science and management, specific to research, education or policy. The award also comes with a Lifetime membership in the Society, and offered in odd numbered years. A nomination letter, two supporting letters, and a resume are required for each nomination. 

Past Winners

Merit Award

The Merit Award recognizes individuals for specific accomplishments in any field of wetland science and management in order to inspire future efforts. The award comes with a three-year membership in the Society. A letter outlining the specific achievement, two supporting letters, and a resume are required for each nomination.

Past Winners

International Travel Award

The International Travel Awards are provided for financial assistance to wetland scientists, who are disadvantaged through regional economic conditions, to enhance their participation in Society activities. The goal of this award is to foster participation of the international membership through a travel grant to an annual meeting and free membership for three years in SWS. Two letters of recommendation, a CV, a submitted abstract and a proposed itinerary and budget are required at the time of application.  Access the nomination form here. The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, February 24, 2020.

Past Winners

International Fellow Award

The International Fellow Award is presented to an internationally outstanding wetland scientist for distinguished contributions to the field of wetland science and for fostering the aims of the SWS within their own country and abroad. Except for extraordinary circumstances, candidates should live and work outside of the United States. A nomination letter, two supporting letters and a resume are required for each nomination.  Access the nomination form here. The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, February 24, 2020.

Past Winners

President’s Service Award

The President's Service Award recognizes those members who have made significant contributions by serving the Society and its members. Recipients of the Service Award have promoted the goals of the Society in their efforts that extend above and beyond their duties as teachers, researchers, and administrators.

Past Winners

Doug Wilcox Award

The Doug Wilcox Award for Outstanding Associate Editor of Wetlands is awarded each year based on the recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief of Wetlands.

Past Winners

Sponsors and Endowment Award

The Sponsors and Endowment Award is presented to individuals, organizations, or corporations in recognition of financial sponsorship or endowment of Society activities.

Past Winners

Best Student Paper and Presentation

The Best Student Paper and Poster Presentation Award is given to promote student participation at the Society's meetings and to recognize excellence in the presentation of posters and papers.

Past Winners