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June 20, 2019 | 1:00 pm ET

The Good, the Bad, the Peatland: Sharing Knowledge to Better Restore Wetlands


Recently restored central ditch, with ditch blocks in place and ditch sides re-profiled.


Aerial view to the north along recently restored central ditch.


Aerial view straight down on recently restored southeast ditch, with ditch blocks and borrow pits visible.



A diverse partnership of government, local community, NGOs and private sector partners have worked together for the past 10 years to advance the conservation and restoration of Big Meadow Bog, with the protection of the globally endangered Eastern Mountain Avens (Geum peckii). Historic agricultural ditching and radical changes to surface flows into the bog, coupled with nesting Herring gulls, had led to a precipitous loss of the Eastern Mountain Avens across the bog.

In 2015 East Coast Aquatics Inc. (ECA), on behalf of the partnership and the Eastern Mountain Avens Recovery Team, developed a restoration design for the site to re-establish bog hydrology which would in turn define the restoration trajectory for the larger project. Implementation of the restoration design occurred between 2016 and 2018 in phases and included cutting of trees and shrubs, construction of 123 ditch blocks, re-profiling 3700 meters of the ditches, and re-establishment of open water features locally known as the Lily Ponds and Jimmy’s Pond.

The webinar will address the iterative process used in developing the restoration design, the pitfalls and lessons learned through the construction and implementation phases, as well as the preliminary post-restoration monitoring results. It will also address the very real benefits of meeting and spending time with other wetland practitioners to share knowledge and experiences.


Andy Sharpe


Andy Sharpe is the Projects Manager with East Coast Aquatics, an ecological consulting firm based in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, Canada. Within this role, he supervises the company’s core services of habitat assessment, ecological inventories, restoration design and implementation, as well as and environmental effects monitoring. Andy has worked as an environmental scientist for the past 25 years, including time in Malawi, United Kingdom, Mongolia and Canada. This experience has encompassed work as a government regulator, as an ecological consultant and with community-based watershed groups and NGOs. This breadth of experience has provided him with unique perspective on ecological restoration, its opportunities and challenges. For his role in the design and restoration of the Big Meadow Bog, Andy, with his co-worker Michael Parker, were awarded the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment Visionary Award in 2018.



July 18, 2019 | 1:00 pm ET

How to Construct Better-Constructed Wetlands


Dave Walker and Brian C. Smith

Pictures, Bios and Abstracts will be published after the presenters provide them.

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