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SWS Oceania Chapter Held Fire in Wetlands Forum

On September 8-9, 2021, the SWS Oceania Chapter held a Fire in Wetlands Forum which brought together scientists and managers from across Australia and covered topics including overviews and case-studies of fire management in and around a range of wetland types, wetland fire paleo-histories in Australia, cultural burning and
wetland responses to fire and post-fire recovery.

With nearly 200 attendees, the forum's intended outcomes were to share knowledge on the effects of fire and management in wetlands, cultural burning, and the implications of current research for improved mitigation and identify knowledge gaps further research.

The forum hosted 15 speakers from a variety of reputable universities and institutions across Australia. Recordings from this two-day forum can be found below:

Fire in Wetlands Program and Abstracts

Forum Part 1 Recording

Forum Part 2 Recording

Forum Part 3 Recording

Forum Part 4 Recording


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