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SWS responds to U.S. Wildlife Conservation Blue Ribbon Panel

Earlier this summer, the Society received a request from a Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources for information on how to equitably and sustainably finance fish and wildlife conservation to help prevent more species from becoming endangered. The Panel reached out to influential organizations for ideas on how to sustainably fund conservation work that will benefit the full array of fish and wildlife. SWS sent the following response which was presented to the Panel in a summary report in Washington D.C. on July 23rd:

“The Society of Wetland Scientists is a non-profit, international organization of over 3,000 individuals who engage in research, science-based management, conservation, protection, restoration, and promotion of sustainability of wetlands around the world. Our membership includes employees of national, state, and local governments, academic institutions, NGO’s, and private consultants who are keenly interested in the actions and policies that affect wetlands and the variety of wildlife that make these diverse habitats their home. In 2008, we formed a Wildlife Section of the SWS that focuses on the relationships between wetland habitat dynamics and wildlife population dynamics. It is from this perspective that we offer these suggestions on how best to secure dedicated and sustained funding to support fish and wildlife conservation." Continue reading.


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