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SWS Multicultural Mentoring Program (SWaMMP)

In an effort to aid motivated students considering environmental careers, SWS proudly provides National Science Foundation-funded opportunities for undergraduate students from underrepresented groups to participate in the SWS Annual Meeting. These opportunities are structured to maximize exposure to career options in wetland science and include individual mentors paired with the students, career mini-workshops and a luncheon. Spaces are also secured by the SWS Multicultural Mentoring Program coordinator for students wishing to present papers or posters in the meeting's scientific agenda.


Funding for these awards is also provided by SWS regional chapters. Since 2011, the SWS Multicultural Mentoring Program has expanded its mission to include not only undergraduate mentoring of 8-11 students per year, but also support for past student award winners to return to the annual meeting and serve as mentors themselves. This grant also supports student interaction with the Ecological Society of America SEEDS program. Visit our Human Diversity pages for information on SWS efforts in this area.   

For more information about SWS Undergraduate Mentoring Program contact:

Dr. Vanessa L. Lougheed
University of Texas at El Paso
Department of Biological Sciences
El Paso, TX, 79902


SWaMMP applications for the 2017 SWS Annual Meeting are no longer being accepted. Check back next year! 

Participants are selected based on academic promise, interest in exploring a career in the natural sciences, potential for serving as a mentor and demonstrated commitment to increasing opportunities for underrepresented students. Applications must be complete, including a "tell us about yourself" essay that is well composed and clearly addresses the requested information.

Successful applicants will receive:

    1. Travel expenses (including airfare, hotel room, meals and conference fees) for the SWS Annual Meeting.
    2. Mentors to provide guidance and career advice.
    3. Special activities to introduce participants to postgraduate and career opportunities and meet professionals from diverse fields. 
    4. The opportunity to present research posters.
    5. Access to a network of wetland science professionals.
    6. The opportunity to join a growing community of students who have already participated in our program. 
    7. Membership in SWS for one year following the award.


  • Participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions and be undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program (part-time or full-time) leading to a baccalaureate or associate degree. 
  • For the purposes of these awards, applicants must belong to one or more of the following groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in wetland sciences: Black/African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, Indigenous Alaskans, Native Pacific Islanders (Hawaiian/Polynesian/Micronesian). 

Students are encouraged to send an email to Vanessa Lougheed indicating their interest in the program prior to submitting the online application. Please send the completed, electronic application and academic transcripts to Vanessa Lougheed (vlougheed@utep.edu).

If you have any questions regarding the Multicultural Mentoring Program, please contact Vanessa Lougheed

2016 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Gabriela Tarin                                 

University of Texas-El Paso

SWAMMP2016Program participants at the SWS 2016 Annual Meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas 

Sergio Samaniego University of Texas- El Paso

Kristina Morales

Florida International University

Steffanie Munguia  

University of South Florida
Jabari Lee Florida Gulf
Coast University
Blanca Hinojosa University of Houston
David Riera Florida International University

Doria Brown

Franklin Pierce University

Vincent Oliveras

University of Idaho

Elliott White

University of Florida 
Kyera Actkins University of Alabama

Eva Gallardo

East Carolina University 
Cynthia Coria California State University-Long Beach
Daniel Smith University of Maryland-College Park
Nauchaly Castro Universidad de Puerto Rico
Kwanza Johnson Bethune-Cookman University
Program Support:
National Science Foundation
SWS Executive Board
SWS Regional Chapters:
North Central 
New England 
Pacific Northwest 
South Atlantic

2015 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Austyn Cromartie - Western Chapter Award Recipient

Sacramento State University

Program participants at the SWS 2015 Annual Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island 
Front Row (l to r): Randi Jackson, Narissa Turner, Cynthia Wright, and Kwanza Johnson; 
Back Row (left to right): Lorenzo Camargo, Esther Akinola, Edwige Lauture, Victoria Rodriguez, Elliot Turner, Austyn Cromartie, Aaron Muirhead, Craig McLean, Philip Bellamy
Esther Akinola Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Kwanza Johnson - South Atlantic Award

Bethune Cookman University
Lorenzo Camargo California State - Long Beach
Randi Jackson University of Maine
Craig McLean University of Arkansas

Aaron Muirhead

Georgia Southern University

Victoria Rodriguez

University of Texas at El Paso
Kara Tudor University of Wisconsin - Superior

Narissa Turner

University of Georgia
Elliott White Iowa State University
Charles Wiggins Northland College
Philip Bellamy Bethune Cookman University
Edwige Lauture Queen's College
Cynthia Wright Texas A&M University
Program Support:
National Science Foundation
SWS Executive Board
SWS Regional Chapters:
North Central 
Pacific Northwest 
South Atlantic

2014 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Kyra Barboza - Western Chapter Award

Cal State Long Beach

2014 SWS Students small
Program participants at the 2014 Joint meeting in Portland, Ore. 
Front Row (l to r): Elizabeth Preza, Maite Martin, Randi Jackson, and Mia Dawson;
Back Row (left to right): Khem Marriott, Julio Pachon, Keith Perkins, Nemesis Ortiz,
Christin Carter, Kyra Barboza, and Philip Bellamy.
Philip Bellamy Bethune-Cookman University

Christin Carter - South Atlantic Award

Old Dominion University
Mia Dawson Oberlin College
Randi Jackson University of Maine
Khem Marriott Pace University

Maite Martin - South Central Chapter Award

University of Texas El Paso
Nemesis Ortiz University of Puerto Rico

Julio Pachon - Pacific Northwest Chapter Award

Cornell University
Keith Perkins Southern University
Elizabeth Preza University of Texas El Paso
Program Support:
National Science Foundation
SWS Regional Chapters:
South Atlantic
Pacific Northwest
North Central
South Central

2013 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Anita Arenas

Cerritos College

Program participants at the 2013 meeting in Duluth, MN
Dayvis Blasini

Northeastern Illinois Universit

Sharon Carter

University of Central Florida

Denzell Cross

Norfolk State University

Ivahna Evans

Virginia State University

Mitchell Hinton

Tulane University

Shaza Hussein

University of South Florida

Mauriya Majada

Martin University

Walter Mallory

Virginia State University

David Riera

Florida International University

Isa Valdez

University of Texas, El Paso

2012 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Rachel Augustine

SUNY Syracuse

Program participants at the 2012 meeting in Orlando, Florida
Lindsey Callier

South Carolina State University

Mario Flunory

Stony Brook University

Jahuan Jarrett

Martin University

Edwige Lauture

Stony Brook University

Philip Peterson

Martin University

Chris Sanchez

University of Miami

Katherine Stewart

Northeastern State University

Sierra Taliaferro

Bethune-Cookman University

Angelique Taylor

Florida A&M University

James Totton

North Carolina A&T University

2011 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients




David Hernandez

University of Texas-El Paso

Program participants at the 2011 meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

Elizabeth McIntyre

Buena Vista University

Shauna-kay Rainford

Cornell University

Jeff Randall

University of Nebraska-Omaha

Frankie Reyes

University of Texas-El Paso

Laren Robinson

Virginia State University

Niegel Rozet

University of Hawaii-Hilo

Vicky Ortiz-Santiago

University of Hawaii-Hilo

Jessica Sahu Teli

Bemidji State University

Jasmine Washington

Florida State University

Cynthia Wright

Texas A&M University

2010 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Charmaine Reynolds

Old Dominion University

Program participants at the 2010 Salt Lake City, Utah meeting.

Luz Castro-Morales

Central Florida University

Sheldon Watkins

Virginia State University

Sidney Kouri

Virginia State University

Eva Arndt

Oregon State University

2009 Undergraduate Diversity Award Recipients



Freddy Herrera

East Carolina University

Program participants at the 2009 Madison, WI meeting.

Kellen Gillespie

Chicago State University

Janelle Williams

University of Hawaii-Hilo

Jennifer Middleton

Fisk University

Chelsea Cervantes

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jasmine Penales

Old Dominion University

Jenaidy Benitez

University of Turabo, Puerto Rico

Nakoa Goo

University of Hawaii-Hilo