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Basic Wetland Delineation Training in Peachtree, GA.

Basic Wetland Delineation Training in Peachtree, GA. This 40-hour (5-day) Wetland Training Courses focuses on the fundamentals, concepts and techniques for delineating wetlands. It is based on the Corps of Engineers 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual as well as applicable regional supplements (e.g. Mid-west, Atlantic and Gulf Coast, Great Plains). The course will focus primarily on the three key parameters, (soils, hydrology, and vegetation) necessary in identifying wetlands. Other topics covered include problem areas, atypical situations, offsite data sources, wetland mapping conventions, hydrology monitoring, wetland classification, and wetland delineation reports. The course will include lecture sessions, and field exercises. At least 16 of the 40 hours will include a field practicum where participants will practice utilizing techniques described in the lecture. Participants can expect to hone existing or apply new wetland delineation skills. Participants will receive printed materials that will be used throughout the sessions as well as many additional references for future wetland delineations. View Course Fliers for additional Information.

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Event Date 09-21-2020
Location Marriott
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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