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Wetland Photo Calendar Contest

Back in 2006, the Chapter embarked on a fun fundraising event by hosting a wetland photo contest for a Chapter Calendar. Our contest has been so successful over the years that other chapters have done the same. This is a contest that we try, based on volunteer support, to hold every year.

See all the fantastic photo entries on Shutterfly.com!

Please note: We do get the majority of our entries from Florida; therefore, most of our winners end up being from Florida. This is unavoidable; besides, the photographers of each photo are kept  anonymous until the winners are announced.  And while each individual judge tries to select 12 favorite photographs with an even distribution of subject matter (birds, landscape, etc) and locales, the top 12 votes from the compilation of all the votes don't necessarily follow any pattern (i.e., we cannot ensure an equal distribution of the subject matter or photo location).

*The photo calendar contest was not held in 2014, so there is no 2015 calendar. 

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