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South Atlantic Chapter's Student Associations

The Society of Wetland Scientists South Atlantic Chapter is committed to encourging the involvement of students and future generations of wetland scientists. We recently fostered the development of a new, student wetland group at Duke University. In addition, the "Wetlands Club" at the University of Florida continues to support a variety of activities to involve students in wetland related events. See below for more information on these student chapters.

  • If you are interested in creating a SAC student association of SWS at your school, please contact the Chapter Chair.

Other Student News & Events

  • Know of any news you would like to publish here, email the webmaster.

UF Wetlands Club LogoUniversity of Florida Wetlands Club

Wetlands Club | P.O. Box 116350 | University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6350 | (352) 392-2424

Faculty Advisor: Mark Clark (clarkmw@ufl.edu; see profile)

Current Officers:
President - Lauren Holian (lholianuf14@ufl.edu)
Vice President - Joshua Epstein
Treasurer - Wesley Anderson
Secretary - Jessica Hong
Fundraiser Chair - Haley Glaab
SEEP manager - Sean Sharpe

Wetland Club Websites:

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/ufwetlandclub

Club Activities:

Duke Student Association of Wetland Scientists (SAWS)

SAWS | Duke University Wetland Center | Nicholas School of the Environment
Box 90333 | Durham, NC 27708-0333 | (919) 613-8009

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Curtis Richardson (curtr@duke.edu)

Current Officers:

President - Adrian McInnis (adrian.mcinnis@duke.edu)
Treasurer - Morgan Rudd (morgan.rudd@duke.edu)
Event Coordinator - Katie DiPrete (katherine.diprete@duke.edu)
Communications Coordinator - Sean Ireland (sean.ireland@duke.edu)
Beaufort Representatives - Samantha Godwin (samantha.godwin@duke.edu) and Morgan Rudd (morgan.rudd@duke.edu)

Wetland Center Website and News: http://nicholas.duke.edu/wetland/

SAWS Activities:

  • Provide a meeting ground for students who are interested in wetland science, policy, and restoration.

  • Organize wetland related speakers, seminars, and symposium events.

  • Plan canoe trips to local wetlands such as the Black River cypress swamp and Eno River.

  • Organize local stream clean-up events.

  • Host fun events such as wetland themed movie nights.

  • Collaborate closely with the Duke Wetland Center.

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