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SWS encourages students to become active in the field of wetland science by actively recruiting undergraduates from under represented populations through the NSF-sponsored Undergraduate Mentoring Program, and by providing many benefits and resources for student members. In addition to a significantly reduced membership rate of $25, SWS provides students the following resources:

SWS Student Associations

SWS Student Associations give students the opportunity to connect with other wetland enthusiasts at their school by organizing local events, networking and furthering the mission of promoting the understanding, conservation, management and sustainable use of wetlands. All associations are guided by a faculty advisor who is a member of SWS. Take a look at what SWS Student Associations have been up to this year.

Email: wetlandia@gmail.com
Facebook: wetlandia sws
Instagram and Twitter: wetlandia_sws

View Student Association Guidelines

Bangor University WetSoc

Current Officers

President: Daniel Roberts
Treasurer: Neelam Notay
Secretary: Stephen Bolger
Faculty Advisor: Chris Freeman

Check out the Bangor University Wetland Society Facebook page

Duke University Student Association Wetland Scientists (SAWS)

Current Officers

Co-President: Adrian McInnis
Treasurer: Morgan Rudd
Event Coordinator: Katie DiPrete
Communications Coordinator: Sean Ireland
Beaufort Representatives: Sam Godwin and Morgan Rudd
Faculty Advisor: Curtis Richardson


Louisiana State University

Current Officers

President: Alex Christensen
Past-President: Scott Allen
Faculty Advisor: Andy Nyman


Michigan Technological University

Current Officers

President: Cindy Fiser
Vice President: Zoe Horns
Treasurer: Mario Maraccini
Faculty Advisor: Rod Chimner


Mid-Atlantic Chapter Student Group

Current Officers

Chair: Eli Polzer
Faculty Advisor: Andy Baldwin


Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Current Officers

President: Steffanie Munguia
Treasurer: Leann Leon
Secretary: Siobhan Gibbons
Community Advisor: Dr. Ben LePage

Southern California Student Association

Current Officers

President: Anita Arenas
Vice President: Ellie Wenger
Secretary: Morgan Brown
Treasurer: Molly Burdick-Whipp
Fundraising Chair: Eilleen Salas
Faculty Advisor: Christine Whitcraft

University of Alabama

Current Officers

Faculty Advisor: Julia Cherry

University of Florida

Current Officers

President: Lauren Holian
Vice President: Joshua Epstein
Secretary: Jessica Hong
Treasurer: Wesley Anderson
Fundraising Chair: Haley Glaab
SEEP manager: Sean Sharpe
Faculty Advisor: Mark Clark


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University of Rhode Island

Current Officers

President: Julie Burns 
Vice President: Sara Datson
Treasurer: Molly Waite
Secretary: Shannon Villar
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Serena Moseman-Valtierra

SWS Student Theses

SWS student members are invited to post their Ph.D., master's and bachelor's/senior wetland theses to share their research with the public and wetland community.

View current Student Thesis.    Submit your thesis.