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  1. James Perry
  2. General Wetland Topics
  3. Tuesday, April 07 2015, 11:19 PM
Dear SWS Members,

EPA has asked SWS to nominate someone to serve on a Federal Advisory Subcommittee under the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (NACEPT) for an effort related to Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404(g), which are the regulations pertaining to state and tribal assumption of the CWA Section 404 program.

EPA wrote: “CWA Section 404(g) allows for states and tribes to assume administration of the dredge and fill permitting and enforcement program for certain waters. The subcommittee has a narrow charge on waters which a state or tribe may assume permitting responsibility for under an approved CWA Section 404 program. The subcommittee will seek to provide clarity on determining the waters for which the state/tribe has CWA Section 404 permit responsibilities, and for which the USACE retains CWA Section 404 permit responsibility. This subcommittee will be known as the “Assumable Waters” subcommittee under NACEPT.

This notice solicits nominations to fill up to 25 vacancies to serve through spring of 2016. EPA is committed to diversity. To obtain a fair and balanced membership, representation is sought from the following stakeholder groups:
• Academia
• Industry/Business groups
• NGO/Environmental groups
• National Associations
• State Associations
• State governments
• Local or Regional governments
• Tribal governments and Indigenous organizations

We also anticipate Federal representation from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the EPA.

Within these stakeholder groups, the EPA is seeking nominees with knowledge of the CWA Section 404 program, federalism, state and tribal wetland permit programs, policy and legal backgrounds in the CWA, and those with working knowledge of effective state federal partnerships. Nominees will be considered according to the mandates of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which requires committees to maintain diversity across a broad range of constituencies, sectors, and groups. Background and experiences that would help members contribute to the diversity of perspectives critical to this issue include: geographic, economic, social, cultural, educational backgrounds, and professional affiliations. All nominations will be fully considered. Please share this opportunity as you see fit.“

Please let me know if you would like to nominate one of our SWS members (or would like to volunteer) for this very important position. The EB will review all entries and select a nominee. Please note that time is of the essence and we do need to move fairly fast on this.

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