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SWS Fellow Award nominations are based on personal and professional achievements, including academic degrees, involvement in scientific societies, honors, teaching, investigations, service, and leadership. If you are interested in nominating a fellow SWS member, please follow the guidelines below.


Nominations may be made by any active member of SWS except members of the Fellows Subcommittee and the SWS Board of Directors. Members may nominate up to two persons per year.

Nominees must be active members of SWS for at least 10 years and have made outstanding contributions in an area of specialization such as research, teaching, management, service or administration in public, commercial or private service activities.

Nominations & Evaluations
The Fellows Subcommittee will evaluate all nominations and share their recommended rankings to the full SWS Awards Committee for final selection. A maximum of 15 points is allotted to the nominee's personal achievements, a maximum of 60 points to the nominee's professional achievements, a maximum of 15 points to achievements as evidenced by the nominator's summary and the nominee's professional publications, and a maximum of 10 points for the three letters of support. Recipients of the SWS Fellow Award are recognized at the SWS Annual Meeting.

The following information will be needed as you complete the nomination form:

Personal achievements, recognitions, and service

  • Degrees received – field, date, and institution for each
  • Professional positions held – years, organizations, and locations
  • Membership in honorary academic societies (e.g., Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Membership in professional societies (e.g., SSSA, ASLO)
  • Honors and awards received since baccalaureate degree (e.g., research, teaching or management award, do not include service functions in honorary organizations)
  • Service to SWS – appointed and elected positions
  • Other service or significant committee work in other professional or honorary societies

Professional achievements in wetland science 

  • Describe achievements, only in the areas listed below, in which the nominee has made significant contributions. Indicate the percentage of time spent in (or the percentage weight you want the evaluators to assign to) each of the activities on which the nomination is based. Assigning a "0" weight to one or more of them will not weaken your nomination. Percentages should total 100.
    • Teaching/Management/Industrial/ Education/Government Achievements 
      (1) communicating ideas clearly, (2) influencing attitudes or motivating favorable action, to a significant degree, with students or clients (percentage of time or weight) Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of publications supporting the nominee's performance.
    • Investigative Competence
      Significance and originality of basic and applied research contributions and evidence of creative reasoning and skill in obtaining significant data. (percentage of time or weight) Evaluate quality and effectiveness of research publications.
    • Service (significant to the profession in universities, foundations, associations, communities, commercial organizations, government)
      Development or improvement of significant program practices or products in wetland science or management. Significance, originality, and acceptance by the public. (percentage of time or weight) Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of publications to support the significance of the program practices or products.
    • Leadership
      Evidence of creativeness and effectiveness of scientific or administrative activities within or outside of the USA. (percentage of time or weight)


  • Nominator’s summary. Summarize in a typed half page or less the most significant personal and professional achievements that you believe qualify the nominee for election to Fellowship in the Society.
  • Professional publications. Give the total number (not the titles) of professional publications in each of the following categories: (a) books written; (b) books or other publications edited; (c) chapters of books written; (d) technical papers, refereed; and (e) technical papers, non-refereed; (f) non-technical papers; (g) patents; (h) invited lectures, seminars, or symposia presentations; and (i) other related oral, written, visual presentations, or products. In addition, list only the 12 most significant publications, patents, and presentations or products in literature citation form.

Supporting letters

  • A maximum of three (3) supporting letters, of one page each in length, will be considered. It is important to keep letters to one page in length. Supporting letters are solicited by, and addressed to, the nominator. Attach or enclose one copy of each of the three letters to the nomination. Members of the Fellows Committee and members of the SWS Board are not eligible to write supporting letters.
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