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2019  Oral Presentation  Liza Goldberg  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center through the University of Maryland
  Poster Presentation  Samantha McCabe  Ohio State University 
2017 Oral Presentation Margot Buchbinder San Francisco State University
  Poster Presentation Anna Braswell Duke University
2016 Oral Presentation Christine Rohal Utah State University
Poster Presentation Julia Stuart Villanova University
2015 Oral Presentation Anya Hopple University of Oregon
Poster Presentation Melissa Pastore Villanova University
2014 Oral Presentation Bianca Pier Siena College
Poster Presentation Aliana Britson Pennsylvania State University
2013 Oral Presentation Emily Graham University of Colorado -  Boulder
Poster Presentation Anita Arenas California State University - Long Beach
2012 Oral Presentation Sunitha Pangala The Open University
Poster Presentation Rupesh Bhomia University of Florida
2011 Oral Presentation Dagmara Sirova University of South Bohemia
Poster Presentation Elodie Maillard Laboratory of Hydrology and Geochemistry of Strasbourg
2010 Oral Presentation Maura Nowalk Duke University
Oral Presentation Rebecca Rooney University of Alberta
Poster Presentation Alan Leslie University of Maryland
2009 Oral Presentation Beth Lawrence University of Wisconsin-Madison
Poster Presentation Brett Dietz Penn State University
2008 Oral Presentation Jennifer Karberg Michigan Technological University
Oral Presentation Margaret Pepper University of Delaware
Poster Presentation Carolina Mendez University of California - Los Angeles
2007 Oral Presentation Joanna Lemly Colorado State University
Poster Presentation Amy Campbell The Ohio State University
2006 Oral Presentation Alice Howe University of Newcastle, Australia
Poster Presentation Jan-Olaf Meynecke Griffith University, Australia
2005 Oral Presentation Brett Scheffers The University of the South
Poster Presentation Jeffrey Smith University of Florida
2004 Oral Presentation Kate Huckelbridge University of California, Berkeley
Poster Presentation Katarzyna Dyszy University of Alberta
2003 Oral Presentation Jason Keller University of Notre Dame
Poster Presentation Wyatt Hartman Cornell University
2002 Oral Presentation Sharon Ashworth University of Kansas
Poster Presentation Amanda Nahlik Kenyon College, OH
2001 Oral Presentation Susanne Hoeppner Southeastern Louisiana State University
Poster Presentation Melynda May  
2000 Oral Presentation Julie Guimond U. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Poster Presentation Isa Woo University of Wisconsin, Madison
1999 Oral Presentation Carrie H. Reinhardt Penn State University
Poster Presentation Allison R. Aldous Cornell University
1998 Oral Presentation Christopher E. Brown University of Memphis
Poster Presentation Merritt Tuetsky Villanova University
1997 Oral Presentation Deborah J. Picking University of Massachusetts
Poster Presentation Laurie Bishel-Machung Illinois History Survey
1996 Oral Presentation Rachel Budelsky University of Minnesota
Poster Presentation Uygar Ozesmi Ohio State University
1995 Oral Presentation Brian Windmiller Tufts University
Poster Presentation Robert Nairn Ohio State University
1994 Oral Presentation William J Streever University of Florida
Poster Presentation Ferenc A. DeSzalay University of California-Berkeley
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  • Announcing: New Society of Wetland Scientists 40th Anniversary Award
  • Fire in Paradise: Declaration of World Scientists
  • Passing of a Leader in Wetland Policy Development
  • County of Maui v. Hawai‘i Wildlife Fund amici brief

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