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2014 Photo Contest

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One more chance to order a SWS PNW Wetland Calendars!

We ended up with a few extra calendars!  If you didn’t get the one you wanted during the holidays, now is your chance. Online purchasing  is open through Tuesday, February 18th.

The beautiful, full-color 2014 wall calendar (8.5 x 11”) features the winners of the second annual wetland photograph contest for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists.  The calendar costs $20 for SWS members and $25 for non-members (including shipping). Online purchasing allows you to pay with a credit card or to be billed.

The calendar proceeds will benefit our Chapter, and your support is much-appreciated.

Thank you again to all who participated in our Chapter’s wetland photograph contest. We received many wonderful entries, and are grateful for all of the Chapter members’ votes! The 13 winning photos were snapped by Shelly Gilmore, Vikki Jackson, Jeffrey Kee, Sarah Kidd, Jared Kinnear, Darcey Miller, and David Teesdale.

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Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Coastal Watersheds of the Conterminous United States
2004 to 2009

The United States is losing wetlands in coastal watersheds at a significant rate according to a new report released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  The report, Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Coastal Watersheds of the Conterminous United States 2004 to 2009, tracked wetland loss on the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf, and Great Lakes coasts. It concludes that more than 80,000 acres of coastal wetlands are being lost on average each year, an increase from the previous study. EPA initiated a federal Interagency Coastal Wetlands Workgroup in response to the losses in the previous report. Federal agencies are collaborating to better understand how wetland trends are affected by land use practices and other factors, and how federal, state, and local programs can better address threats to coastal wetlands. 

View the report at

Information on coastal wetlands and the federal Workgroup can be found at the EPA Coastal Wetlands webpage at


Photo Jim Wiggins

From the Continental Divide: Camping with Prairie Dogs and Buffalo

By Abbe Rolnick

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists is honored to have a short written work submitted to us by Pacific Northwest novelist, Abbe Rolnick. The following piece is the opening section of, “From the Continental Divide: Camping with Prairie Dogs and Buffalo,” chronicles her and husband (and longtime SWS member), Jim Wiggins’, journey from northwest Washington State to the national SWS meeting in Duluth, Minnesota. The remainder of the piece can be found here.

Estuarine Wetland Responses to Sea Level Rise,

a presentation by Laura Brophy to the National Academies' Sea Level Rise Committee, March, 2011
(Please note that each slide has lots of notes attached, which are accessed by clicking on the small "balloon" in the upper left corner of each slide.)

For more information:

Fairy Shrimp in Washington

To read the article in the Ooze News click here

Fairy Shrimp Data Sheet 2010/11


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