Regional Links

Alaska Regional Supplement to the Corps Wetland Delineation Manual

The development of Regional Supplements is part of a nationwide effort to address regional wetland characteristics and improve the accuracy and efficiency of wetland-delineation procedures. This supplement is applicable to the Alaska Region.

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Kenai Lowland Wetland Mapping and Classification

This extensive wetland mapping project's purpose is to give landowners, prospective land owners, managers and other interested parties access to a locally relevant wetland map so they can make informed decisions.

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GINA: Geographic Information Network of Alaska

GINA is the University of Alaska's framework for organizing and sharing geographic data and technology among Alaska, the arctic and world communities.

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Wetland drying and succession across the Kenai Peninsula Lowlands

This study documents the scale and intensity of drying over the last half century in the Kenai Lowlands of south-central Alaska.

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News and Events

2010 Alaska Moss Identification Workshops

For more information about these workshops please contact Blanka and/or Jon Shaw (,

Workshop on Field Identification and Ecology of Mosses and Liverworts

This workshop will focus on the identification of bryophytes (mosses, liverworts) in the field using a hand lens. The class will visit a broad range of local habitats and become familiar with the dominant bryophyte genera and species characteristic of different ecological settings. Evening lectures will cover the classification and phylogeny of bryophytes, and overview of useful literature about bryophytes, ecology and reproductive biology, and morphological variation, in order to supplement field observations of species in nature.

July 26-28, 2010

Location: Wrangell Mountains Center, McCarthy, Alaska: Cost: $175

Workshop on Identification of Peatland Bryophytes with a focus on peat mosses (Sphagnum)

This 3-day workshop will focus on the identification of mosses and liverworts growing in peatland ecosystems, with a focus on Sphagnum (peat mosses). Each morning will feature a short lecture on morphology, ecology, evolution, and/or reproductive biology. The class will also examine plants microscopically and become familiar with the most important resources for peatland bryophyte identification. Afternoons will be spent in the field visiting a broad range of wetland/peatland sites characteristic of central Alaska. Students will make collections in the field to work on in the lab.

August 5-7 or 8-10 , 2010

Location: University of Alaska, Fairbanks Museum.. Cost: $250