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Notes from the Chapter Meeting
At the 2005 Annual Wetlands Meeting

June 7, 2005
Charleston, SC

(Notes by Kim Ponzio, Ann Jennings, and Will Conner) 

There was a great turnout at the SAC business meeting (33, see list below) held during the Annual SWS Conference in Charleston, South Carolina.  Members witnessed Steve Miller handing off the SAC presidential position to vice chair Greg NoeKim Ponzio was elected interim vice chair to fill the vacancy Greg Noe left with his promotion.  William Conner will continue to serve as Executive Secretary/Treasurer and Shanin Speas will stay on as our Web Master. 

The treasurerís report indicated that, even after awarding 14 student travel grants to the annual meeting, the chapter still has $8,362 in a checking account and a $15,000 CD.  In addition, the chapter will receive 25% of the proceeds from the 2005 annual meeting.

The South Atlantic Chapterís student travel award was added to monies from USGS and 14 students were presented travel awards ranging from $250 to $500.  Awards were made and presented to:                                          

Name                        Award ($$ requested)           School

Shuwen Li                                300                  University of Memphis
Katie Hossler                           250                  Ohio State
Joe Baustian                             500                  Louisiana State
Jorg Helmschrot                       500                  University of Jena, Germany
Jianbiao (Jeff) Lu                      350                  North Carolina State University
Amy Seim                                500                  Christopher Newport University
Lawrance Oats                         500                  University of Wisconsin - Madison
Laura Shirley                            475                  Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
David Bailey                             500                  Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
Scott Perez                               500                  Cornell University
John Connolly                           500                  University College Dublin
Jennifer Hammel                       300                  North Carolina at Asheville (undergraduate)
Jennifer Henke                          350                  University of Georgia
TOTAL                              $5,525

Four student research grants ($500 ea) were formed and a subcommittee to develop application guidelines and administer award of the grants was created with 2 executive members (Steve Miller, Greg Noe) and two non-executive members (Shirley Denton, Dianne Hall).

 Two student travel grants of $1,000 each were approved to attend the 2006 Conference in Australia.

Ideas were discussed for a Fall workshop to potentially be held in the Carolinas, including Chesapeake Bay Riparian Buffer Restoration.  If you have additional ideas or suggestions, contact Greg Noe.

A cross-section was taken from the members as to whether they hailed from educational institutions, state or federal governments, private companies or other (retired).  The greatest number of attendees were associated with educational institutions, followed by government employees and private entities.

A group picture was taken.


 Name                                                                          email address

Steve Miller                                                                  sjmiller@sjrwmd.com
Greg Noe                                                                     gnoe@usgs.gov
William Conner                                                             wconner@clemson.edu
Shanin Speas                                                                shanin.speas@dep.state.fl.us
Ann Jennings                                                                ajennings@cbf.org
Changwoo Ahn                                                            cahn@gmu.edu
Jennifer Richards                                                          richards@fiu.edu
Joel Trexler                                                                  trexlerj@fiu.edu
Shirley Denton                                                              sdenton@biologicalresearch.com
Mike Ross                                                                    rossm@fiu.edu
Amy Seim                                                                    amy.seim@cox.net
Frank Day                                                                    fday@odu.edu
Scott Perez                                                                   sp287@cornell.edu
Dianne Hall                                                                  
Kimberli J. Ponzio                                                       
David E. Bailey                                                             debailey@vims.edu
Dianna Hogan                                                               dhogan@usgs.gov
Libby Norris                                                                 Lnorris@cbf.org
Alani Taylor                                                                 
Dan Kroes                                                                  
Peter Caldwell                                                              pvcaldwe@unity.ncsu.edu
Katie Hossler                                                              
John Holloway                                                             
Jennifer Henke                                                             
Russell Reynolds                                                          
Ken McLeod                                                              
Dan Tufford                                                                 
John Connolly                                                              
Jorg Helmschrot                                                          
Charles Lane                                                               
R. Harold Jones                                                            rharoldjones@aol.com
Cliff Hupp                                                                    crhupp@usgs.gov
Jim Perry                                                                      jperry@vims.edu
Mel Thomas                                                                 mthomas@koontzbryant.com
Jim Pahl                                                                        jimpahl@duke.edu
Jianbiao (Jeff) Lu                                                          jluz@ncsu.edu


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