Wetland Academic Programs

Welcome to the SWS Directory of Wetland-related Academic Programs. Programs listed below are not endorsed by the SWS. This site is provided as a service to our members and the general public. Information on individual college and university programs should be entered by representatives of those programs who are responsible for the accuracy of the information entered. Content of individual entries is subject to periodic review and approval by the SWS Education and Outreach Committee.

This is a new feature and may change as necessary to ensure the accuracy of information posted.

School NameDepartment or ProgramEmphasisStateCountryUpdated
Louisiana State UniversitySchool of Renewable Natural ResourcesWetland EcologyLouisianaUSA3/10/13
University of MarylandEnvironmental Science and TechnologyWetland ScienceMarylandUSA4/6/13
Blue Lion TrainingCollege Credit EcoCamps and CoursesNatural ResourcesMassachusettsUSA4/29/13
University of ToledoEnvironmental SciencesWetland EcologyOhioUSA3/21/13
Virginia TechCrop & Soil Environmental SciencesWetland ScienceVirginiaUnited States5/15/13