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Jam Session
Tuesday Night!


at the The Lake Placid Resort Hotel & Golf Club - Lake Placid, New York


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Jam Session - Tuesday Night Barbeque
We hope you all are planning to attend the barbeque planned for Tuesday night. In addition to delicious food and interesting conversation, we have some exciting entertainment planned for the whole family!

Bill Smith, local resident and storyteller, will spin tales from around 7 pm until around 8 pm. So grab a chair, some good food and relax.

At 8:30, Tim Beatty and Friends will strike up a chord and open up the jam session. Tim and Friends are seasoned musicians from New York City and Nashville who specialize in city folk music. Instruments that the band will have with them include mandolin, acoustic guitar, harmonica, dobro, and violin. All are invited to bring their own instruments (including their voices) and join in on the first "annual" SWS Jam Session. And bring your cameras - there is sure to be some memorable moments!




After 8 months of effort, the New York State Department of Transportation has gained approval to run a high line railroad truck over a section of the Adirondack Rail Road system that is not generally open to the public. Up to 15 people will be able to take a railroad trip from Tupper Lake southwest into wild forest areas. DOT will host this all day trip and show how they keep wilderness railroad tracks in service.

UPDATE from DOT (22 May 02), the new railroad trip is now scheduled to run from the Lake Placid station down the active tracks of the rail line and then off of the normally public use tracks - it is an all day trip - lunch will be provided - people can walk from hotel to station

If you are interested in this special trip, email the conference manager ( or send a fax to Horace Shaw at 315 470 6890 and express your interest in the trip. Cost for this trip is $45 and includes a bag lunch. This trip can only run if we get at least 10 people to sign up before 15 May 2002.


The Adirondacks and Lake Placid

The Adirondack Park in northeastern New York is a six million acre natural area comprised of public and private lands. Awe-inspiring wilderness and wild forests surround small hamlets and historic villages that are located within several hundred miles of the densely populated metropolitan areas of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.


Geologically the Adirondacks is formed by a dome-shaped land form that is highest in the east and tilts toward the west, and can be likened to an extension of the "Canadian Shield" into the United States. This landform forms the headwaters of number of rivers, including the Hudson River. The Adirondack Park has nearly 2,500 lakes and ponds and more than 30,000 miles of rivers and streams. The region is also home to what some call America’s sixth great lake, Lake Champlain. It is the abundance of water and water-dominated ecosystems that make the Adirondacks so unique.

In the late 1800’s, the Adirondack waterways were virtually the only mode of transportation through the hilly and sometimes mountainous terrain of the wilderness. Today, the waterways provide an ideal means for leaving civilization and experiencing the quiet solitude and natural features of wilderness and wild forest. In addition, a number of little traveled backcountry roads offer opportunities to leave civilization behind.

Set in the eastern higher elevation section of the Adirondacks is the Village of Lake Placid, a resort and recreation center and home of two Olympic winter games. Lake Placid is an ideal starting point to access the high peaks and their hidden lakes and headwater streams, flat water wilderness rivers and ponds, environmental interpretative centers, research facilities of Paul Smiths College and the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Lake Champlain and St. Lawrence River ecosystems, and created mitigation wetlands located in the Albany, New York area.

The proposed 2002 Society of Wetland Scientists field trips have been planned to allow annual meeting participants to experience the water dominated mystique of the Adirondacks

Special social events will be held to highlight the rustic settings with sweeping wildlife views, and will include a family-style barbeque in the fashion of the old Adirondack camps, offering panoramic views of the Adirondack Peaks and a background accompaniment of folk music. By special request, additional entertainment will be provided by those SWS attendees talented and brave enough to join in the SWS Open Jam Session.

Speak Now, Be Silent Later!!!

Dear SWS Members:

I am writing to solicit your assistance and support for the Silent Auction we will be putting on at the 23rd Annual Meeting this June in Lake Placid. If you have an item you can contribute, please contact me by phone (518-327-6236) or email (

Last year's auction was a great success and we very much hope to repeat that success in Lake Placid, so please do what you can to help out.

All proceeds of the Silent Auction will go to support student travel grants.

Thanks, and see you in Lake Placid!

Best wishes, Jim Allen

Silent Auction Donors

The upcoming Silent Auction is beginning to shape up nicely, with over $6000 in donations already promised and/or received. We could always use more contributions, though. Please remember that all the money goes to a worthy cause - to support student travel grants.

Donations promised to date include such diverse items as a kayak, a pair of snow/mudshoes, a promising selection of wetland books, and some enticing offerings from local restaurants and lodges.

Donors to date (in order of their date of commitment) include:

Name of Contributor
Stearns and Wheler LLC/PLLC Perception "Swifty" Kayak
Paul Smith's College PSC Authors Collection
Paul Smith's College Bill McKibben Collection
Environmental Career Center Nat. Env. Employ. Rep. - 1 yr.
Environmental Career Center Nat. Env. Employ. Rep. - 6 mo.
Environmental Career Center Nat. Env. Employ. Rep. - 3 mo. (2)
Good Nature Publishing Co. Eastern Decid. Trees Print (6)
Good Nature Publishing Co. Eastern Conifer. Trees Print (6)
New York State Wetlands Forum Wetland Book
New York State Wetlands Forum Wetland Book
Jeff Flagg Sagamore Tour Tickets (4)
CRC Press "Wetland Plants"
CRC Press "Handbook of Water Sensitive"
CRC Press "Wetland Soils"
John Wiley & Sons Wetlands, 3rd Edition
John Wiley & Sons Wetland Book(s)
Northbrook Lodge Three night stay for two
Hotel Saranac Student buffet tickets (2)
Little Bear Snowshoes 1 Adult Snow/Mudshoe Pair
Original Bug Shirt Company 1 Original Bug Shirt
William Sipple "Days Afield: Exploring …"
Digital Frog, Inc. Digital Tour of Wetlands
Jim Schmid PA, NJ and NY wetland books
Environmental Law Institute National Wetlands Newsletter
Environmental Law Institute "Wetlands Deskbook" (3)
Environmental Law Institute "Our Nat. Wetland Heritage" (5)
Buckwing Products, Inc. Saveyur Tick Gators (3 sets)
Buckwing Products, Inc. Saveyur II Arm Guard
Adirondack Park Agency Framed Image or Map of ADKs
Oakton Instruments pH/Conductivity meter kit
Doug Wilcox No Lythrum salicaria t-shirt
Prentice-Hall Applied Hydrogeology, 4/e
Prentice-Hall Fund. Of Remote Sensing…
Ralph Tiner Wetland books
Battelle Press Wetlands and Remediation I&II
Battelle Press Endangered Species: Legal…
Battelle Press The NEPA Reference Guide
Battelle Press The Environmental Impact…
Battelle Press Technically Speaking: A Guide
Battelle Press Risk Communication
Wetland Training Institute Training workshop certificate
Wetland Training Institute Field Guide to Wetl. Delineat.
Forestry Suppliers, Inc Leatherman Pocket Tool
Forestry Suppliers, Inc Fiskars Contractors Briefcase
Mark Felton Wetland/Wildlife Dishtowels
Cambridge University Press Wetland Ecology: Principles..
Kluwer Academic Press
Kendall-Hunt Publishers "Plants in Wetlands"
Don Ferlow Wire tree sculpture
Brad Heilman (Patty Riley) Pen and ink drawing
Lab Safety Co./Ben Meadows Swift Aerolite 7X35 binoculars
ESRI Virtual Campus GIS courses (2)
ESRI GIS books
Brunton Company
SolarPort 2.2 Recharger
Adirondack Nature Conservancy
t-shirt or fleece shirt