The Strategic Plan for the Society of Wetland Scientists: 2010 -2015

The inaugural SWS Strategic Plan (2005-2010) has been a valuable guide to the leadership of the Society in moving SWS forward during the past five years. It set forth the mission of SWS and articulated the vision for wetland science and the role played by the society. With the input of the board and the membership, the plan was revised for the next five year period and approved at the annual meeting in Salt Lake City. Specific actions have been identified, but others that address specific goals and objectives can be undertaken as well. The strategic plan is a guide for chapters, sections, committees, and the board to select and encourage programs that support the society's mission and goals. It is also visionary and identifies new areas that merit consideration. We don't succeed as a society just because we accomplish a certain percentage of actions in the strategic plan; we succeed by looking forward and being visionary.

Frank Day - Past President and Chair of the Ad Hoc Strategic Plan Committee

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