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SWS Announces 2020 Award Recipients


Congratulations to this year's awardees!

President's Service Awards

Gillian Davies, PWS
BSC Group, Inc.

Since leaving the Executive Board Gillian has continued her strong support for wetland activities through the Sections, in particular the Public Policy & Regulation and the Ramsar Sections. This has included: i) working with others to advise the Executive Board in the development of policy positions and the writing of policy letters, ii) supporting climate change activities within SWS that has resulted in three statements or proclamation signed by SWS members at the annual meetings, and then published in Wetland Science & Practice, and resulted in a new initiative on climate change and wetlands, iii) actively supported the development of a High Level Plenary Panel on the UN Decade of Restoration and the Implications of Climate Change on Biodiversity/Wetlands for inclusion in the RE3 conference that had been planned for 2020 in Quebec City, and is now planned to be held in June 2021, and iv) leading the development of several papers and symposia on the Rights of Wetlands which represents a holistic and social-ecological view on the importance of wetlands in our lives, now and into the future, locally and globally. Thank you Gillian for your support for partnerships, and for helping to bring research and practice together to address key issues for wetlands in the future.

Andy Herb

The Wetland Restoration Section is one of the stalwarts of our Society. Andy has been closely associated with the development and success of the Section. This has included the annual symposia that have been organised and well attended, and had been planned for the RE3 conference in Quebec City and the INTECOL Wetland Conference in Christchurch. As a representative of the Section he has played an influential role in the governance of the Society through the Board of Directors with an ear for the necessary detail and ability to provide input to guide decision making. At the same time, he led a small team to produce a science-based appraisal of the Ramsar Convention's guidance for wetland restoration and in so-doing has produced a platform for greater engagement with wetland managers around the globe, something that is very much within the Society's remit and interests. He helping to raise the profile of wetland restoration needs, the profile and excellence of our members, and hence the Society as a whole.

Scott Jecker, PWS
Whitenton Group Inc

Scott has provided service to the Society over many years through his support for the Chapters and the wider membership. This in itself represents a major effort and is worth highlighting and appreciating. With this background and level of commitment he then extended his contribution to lead the ad hoc committee charged with drafting our new Strategic Plan. This is an incredibly important task and one that required leadership and an ability to work with a diverse team. It also required insight into our Society and its development over the past 40 years, and foresight about the challenges and opportunities that we face. Through these efforts we have a solid foundation to chart our directions, meet expectations, and tackle the wetland science and practice that comprise our reasons for being members. Scott's leadership provides his colleagues a basis to move ahead by building on our history and engaging with the future.

Lori Sutter, PhD
University of Georgia

Lori has provided exceptional service to the Society through her efforts as Treasurer. In response to our aim to present a balanced budget she has worked assiduously to provide us the data we need to both make decisions about financial priorities and to ensure the end product is balanced. She has provided the detail and guided us through the balance sheets, not so much because of the proverbial patience of someone who knows more than the average being, but with clarity and reasoning that supports our decisions, including pointing out the financial uncertainties around our ideas and data. In addition she has led the Ways and Means Committee to provide excellent suggestions on other ways in which we could raise funds and support the many new initiatives that we would like to implement. As these suggestions are explored and then enacted, our members will reap the benefits. Lori is a treasurer extraordinaire. 

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