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Position Statements

Following are position statements periodically released by the Society of Wetland Scientists on issues related to or affecting the practice of wetland science. 

SWS tells Congress amendment 3140 to Energy Policy Modernization Act would make climate change worse
February 22, 2016

SWS supports the EPA proposed rule on waters of the US
July 2, 2015
SWS Comment on the EPA proposed rule on waters of the US, compiled by SWS members Joy Zedler, Daniel Larkin, and Carter Johnson

SWS Responds to U.S. Wildlife Conservation Blue Ribbon Panel
July 23, 2015
SWS Response to U.S. Wildlife Conservation Blue Ribbon Panel

Preserve Studenchrista Wetland and Lake Ohrid Ecosystem SWS urges Mayor of Ohrid
October 7, 2015
Authored by Jos T.A. Verhoeven, Ph.D. Society of Wetland Scientists Europe Chapter President, supported by SWS scientists Kimberli Ponzio, James Perry, Keith Edwards, Matthew Simpson, Rob McInnes

The Deepwater Horizon disaster and wetland
May 18, 2010
Compiled by Dennis F. Whigham, Chair, Stephen W. Broome, Curtis J. Richardson, Robert L. Simpson, and Loren M. Smith, Environmental Concerns Committee, Society of Wetland Scientists   

SWS Encourages Regeneration of Cypress Forests, Authored by Past SWS President Christopher Craft
March 2, 2009