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Estuaries and Coasts

Estuaries and Coasts is the journal of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation. The journal features original research on the hydrodynamics, hydrology, (geo)chemistry, geology, biology and their interactions in marine waters influenced by connectivity to land. The journal's geographic scope includes coastal watersheds, tidal rivers, estuaries, lagoons, inland seas, wetlands, and near-shore coastal waters from polar to equatorial latitudes. The editors encourage submissions that present novel approaches, findings or concepts of general interest to better understand the functioning and structure of coastal systems and will interest the journal's increasingly international readership. Submissions that are primarily descriptive, strongly place based, or report on development of models or new methods without detailing their applications fall outside the scope of the journal.

Wetland Ecology and Management

Wetlands Ecology and Management is an international journal that publishes authoritative and original refereed articles on topics relevant to freshwater, brackish and marine coastal wetland ecosystems. The journal serves as a multi- and interdisciplinary forum for key issues in wetlands science, management, policy and economics. Wetlands Ecology and Management encourages the exchange of information between environmental managers, pure and applied scientists, and national and international authorities on wetlands science, policy and ecological economics. The journal's unique Wetlands Management website provides free access to recent papers on the issues, methods and impacts of wetlands management, a particularly valuable resource for those involved in resource management and applied research. Besides original research papers, discussion papers and short reports, the journal occasionally includes invited review papers on topical subjects.