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  1. Catherine Koning
  2. General Wetland Topics
  3. Wednesday, June 11 2014, 03:38 PM
Dennis Meredith, one of the speakers at the 2014 JASM meeting in Portland OR, noted that "telling stories" is one of the keys to successful communication in the sciences as well as elsewhere. We are hoping to incorporate personal stories from people who spend time in wetlands into a new book, geared for the lay audience. Our book will use the stories as structural jump-offs into which we will weave both cutting edge research as well as key ecological concepts. The goal of this book is to reveal the wonderment, the awe, the total coolness of these muddy, mucky and sometimes maddening ecosystems, to the general public. We want our readers to look at wetlands in a whole new way, to make an emotional connection with the creatures and currents within, and, optimally, to commit to wetland protection.

So, we need your stories!

If you have a wetland story, please share it with us! It could be a personal story about something you experienced firsthand, or it could be the story of a specific wetland, or the story of a fascinating phenomenon you learned about. You can sketch it out briefly here, or just contact either one of us and we will call you for an interview. If we use your story in the book, you will, of course, be credited for the information provided.

This book will focus on the northeastern US, but if we are successful, we hope to repeat the concept for other kinds of wetlands in other regions.

Thank you!

Catherine Owen Koning, koningc@franklinpierce.edu
Sharon Ashworth, sharonashworth97@gmail.com
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