1. Sarah Finkelstein
  2. General Wetland Topics
  3. Monday, July 06 2020, 07:34 PM
We are pleased to announce that we are chairing a session at the virtual Fall AGU Meeting in 7-11 December 2020 titled Wetlands and global change: impacts on wetland function and ecosystem services from the paleo-record through the Anthropocene. Please consider contributing an abstract on your wetland related research.

Session Title: Wetlands and global change: impacts on wetland function and ecosystem services from the paleo-record through the Anthropocene
Session ID: 104025
Presenting Section: Biogeosciences
Description: Wetlands are a globally important resource, playing a key role in global biogeochemical cycling, hydrologic buffering to storms and floods, providing wildlife habitat, and serving as archives of past wetland history. This session focuses on wetland functional responses to environmental changes. Functional responses could include (but are not limited to) controls on rates of carbon accumulation or methane release; impacts of hydrological change or flooding on vertical accretion of wetland sediments; changes to biotic communities. We invite abstracts investigating any aspect of wetland functional response to environmental change over all time scales, including paleo-records, analyses of recent responses to human impacts, and forward modelling of future wetland dynamics in the Anthropocene. By integrating papers focusing on wetland functional responses in the past, present and future, this session aims to stimulate insights on the role of wetlands in the Earth system and provide evidence to guide wetland conservation and restoration.
Convenors: Sarah A Finkelstein, Miriam Jones, Debra A Willard, Sheel Bansal
Contacts: sarah.finkelstein@utoronto.ca, miriamjones@usgs.gov; dwillard@usgs.gov; sbansal@usgs.gov
Abstract submission is open now, and closes 29 July 2020 11:59 p.m. EDT
Abstracts can be submitted via this online portal:

For more information on the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting, and how virtual participation will be implemented, check the Fall Meeting website: https://www.agu.org/Fall-Meeting
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