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  1. Max Finlayson
  2. General Wetland Topics
  3. Tuesday, June 04 2019, 08:36 PM
Interested in learning more about wetland restoration? Join new webinar series - see info below.

From: IUCN no-reply [mailto:noreply@iucn-crm.org]
Sent: Tuesday, 4 June 2019 15:53
To: Finlayson, Max <mfinlayson@csu.edu.au>
Subject: Invitation to Present Regional Restoration Updates

From: Mr Brock BLEVINS
To: IUCN CEM Ecosystem Restoration 2017-2020
Greetings Ecosystem Restoration Thematic Group members,
As you may know, this year the Ecosystem Restoration Thematic Group (ERTG) is convening a monthly webinar series, "Ecosystem Restoration: Global Initiatives in Science and Practice". We are planning upcoming monthly sessions and inviting members to be a guest speaker to present to the group notable activities in your region or country. If you would like to be considered, please see below and reply to either Cara or I.
If you are interested and available to present, please indicate your region or country and a brief example of the restoration activities you may speak on. It can be items you are personally involved in, restoration initiatives in the region. Only 40-45 minutes in length. You do not have to commit to any particular date at this time, as this point we are merely looking for interested parties.
The objective of the webinar series is to provide a forum for IUCN CEM members to gain insight and knowledge about ecological restoration and to provide opportunities for networking and direct engagement. Each month, a different speaker will give a 40-minute presentation on their work, related to one of four themes: 1) global initiatives in ecological restoration; 2) syntheses of accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities in ecological restoration within specific regions of the globe; 3) technical guidance on prioritization, implementation, and monitoring of restoration activities, and 4) identification of critical gaps and brainstorm of potential new initiatives and projects.
Webinars will be held the 3rd Friday of each month from 12 to 1 pm Eastern EST using the platform “Zoom”. The series is open to all IUCN and CEM members, as well as restoration practitioners from around the globe.
We aim to grow participation each month and create a forum to learn and connect with restoration practitioners from around the globe.

Cara Nelson (ERTG Lead - (cara.nelson@mso.umt.edu) and
Brock Blevins (ERTG Co-Lead - bblevins37@gmail.com)
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